Different Types of Backlinks in SEO 2024: Step by Step Guide

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, backlinks continue to play a crucial role in determining the visibility and ranking of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). For 2024, understanding the different types of backlinks and how to effectively utilize them is essential for any website looking to improve its online presence. This guide will explore the various types of backlinks, their importance, and strategies for acquiring them, with a special focus on how UpRango can help you achieve your backlink goals.

1. Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are links given naturally by other websites or bloggers who find your content valuable and worth referencing in their own articles.

Importance: These are considered the most valuable type of backlinks because they are earned based on the quality of your content and not through any form of exchange or payment. They signal to search engines that your content is authoritative and trustworthy.

How to Acquire:

  • Create high-quality, original content that provides value to your audience.
  • Build relationships with industry influencers and bloggers.
  • Promote your content through social media and outreach campaigns.

UpRango offers tools to help you identify potential influencers and bloggers in your niche. Our platform provides insights into trending topics, making it easier for you to create content that attracts editorial backlinks.

2. Guest Blogging Backlinks

These backlinks are acquired by writing articles for other websites in your industry. In return, you typically get a backlink to your site within the author bio or the content itself.

Importance: Guest blogging is a win-win situation; the host site gets free, high-quality content, and you get a backlink. It helps build authority and exposes your brand to a new audience.

How to Acquire:

  • Research websites that accept guest posts in your niche.
  • Pitch unique and relevant content ideas to these websites.
  • Include a backlink to your website in the author bio or within the content.

UpRango’s database includes a comprehensive list of websites that accept guest posts, helping you find the best opportunities to showcase your expertise and acquire valuable backlinks.

3. Niche Directory Backlinks

These backlinks come from online directories that list websites within specific industries or niches.

Importance: While not as powerful as editorial backlinks, directory backlinks still provide value by increasing your site’s visibility and relevance within your industry.

How to Acquire:

  • Identify reputable directories related to your industry.
  • Submit your website’s information following the directory’s guidelines.
  • Ensure your website is listed under the correct category.

UpRango simplifies the process of finding reputable niche directories and submitting your website. Our tools ensure your site is listed in the most relevant categories, enhancing your SEO efforts.

4. Social Media Backlinks

These are backlinks that come from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Importance: While social media backlinks are often nofollow (which means they don’t pass SEO value directly), they still drive traffic to your site and increase brand awareness.

How to Acquire:

  • Share your content regularly on social media platforms.
  • Engage with your audience to encourage sharing and linking back to your site.
  • Participate in relevant social media groups and discussions.

UpRango provides tools to manage your social media presence effectively. Our platform helps you schedule posts, track engagement, and identify the best times to share your content for maximum impact.

5. Forum Backlinks

These backlinks are created when you participate in online forums and include a link to your website in your posts or signature.

Importance: Forum backlinks can drive targeted traffic to your site and help establish your authority in your niche.

How to Acquire:

  • Join forums related to your industry.
  • Actively participate in discussions and provide valuable insights.
  • Include a backlink to your website in your forum signature or relevant posts.

UpRango helps you identify high-traffic forums related to your niche. Our tools enable you to monitor discussions and participate effectively, ensuring your backlinks are placed in relevant and valuable contexts.

6. Comment Backlinks

These are backlinks gained by leaving comments on blog posts or articles with a link back to your website.

Importance: While generally not as powerful as other types of backlinks, comment backlinks can still drive traffic and increase your site’s visibility if done correctly.

How to Acquire:

  • Find relevant blog posts and articles in your industry.
  • Leave thoughtful and relevant comments that add value to the discussion.
  • Include a backlink to your website where appropriate.

UpRango’s tools help you find the best blog posts and articles for commenting. Our platform also provides templates and tips for writing effective comments that increase the chances of your backlink being approved and driving traffic.

7. Press Release Backlinks

These backlinks are acquired by distributing press releases about your company’s news or updates.

Importance: Press releases can generate a lot of exposure and high-quality backlinks from reputable news websites and blogs.

How to Acquire:

  • Write a compelling press release about a significant event or update related to your company.
  • Distribute your press release through reputable press release distribution services.
  • Ensure your press release includes a backlink to your website.

UpRango offers services to help you craft compelling press releases and distribute them to the right channels. Our platform maximizes the reach of your press release, ensuring it attracts high-quality backlinks.

8. Resource Page Backlinks

These backlinks come from resource pages, which are pages on a website that list helpful resources and links related to a specific topic.

Importance: Resource page backlinks are valuable because they come from pages that are specifically designed to provide value and link to authoritative content.

How to Acquire:

  • Identify resource pages relevant to your industry.
  • Reach out to the website owner or administrator and suggest your content as a valuable addition.
  • Ensure your content is high-quality and relevant to the resource page.

UpRango helps you find the best resource pages for your content. Our outreach tools streamline the process of contacting website owners and suggesting your content for inclusion.

9. Broken Link Building Backlinks

This strategy involves finding broken links on other websites and suggesting your content as a replacement.

Importance: Broken link building is an effective way to earn backlinks because it provides value to the website owner by helping them fix broken links, and it benefits you by earning a backlink.

How to Acquire:

  • Use tools to identify broken links on relevant websites.
  • Create or identify content on your site that could replace the broken link.
  • Reach out to the website owner and suggest your content as a replacement.

Uprango’s broken link identification tools make it easy to find broken links on high-authority websites. Our outreach templates and suggestions ensure your pitches are effective and increase the chances of earning backlinks.

10. PBN (Private Blog Network) Backlinks

PBN backlinks are acquired through a network of private blogs owned by the same entity, used to build backlinks to the main site.

Importance: While PBNs can be effective, they are risky and can lead to penalties from search engines if detected.

How to Acquire:

  • Create a network of high-quality blogs related to your niche.
  • Regularly update these blogs with unique content.
  • Use these blogs to link back to your main website.

While Uprango does not advocate for the use of PBNs due to the associated risks, we do provide tools to help you create and manage high-quality blogs that can naturally attract backlinks without resorting to PBN strategies.

What Is a Good Example of Backlinks?

Backlinks are all around you online! Every time you share a news story with your Facebook feed, you’re building a backlink for the news organization.

The next time you read an article online, pay special attention to the links in the text. Some probably link to other stories on the site, but others may link back to news sites and even commercial brands.


Backlinks remain a cornerstone of effective SEO in 2024. Understanding the different types of backlinks and how to acquire them is essential for improving your website’s search engine rankings. By leveraging the tools and services offered by UpRango, you can streamline your backlink acquisition process and ensure your website stands out in a competitive online landscape.

Whether you’re aiming for editorial backlinks, engaging in guest blogging, or exploring broken link building, UpRango is here to support your efforts with comprehensive tools and expert guidance. Start enhancing your SEO strategy today with UpRango and watch your website climb the SERPs with high-quality backlinks.

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